16" x 10 1/2" White Sublimation Car Flag with Pole

16" x 10 1/2" White Sublimation Car Flag with Pole

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Heat press settings:
- temperature - 400 degrees F
- dwell time - 1:30 to 1:45 minutes
- pressure - medium (firm)

1. Spray the transfer with repositionable spray.
2. Position the substrate onto the transfer and push out the wrinkles as
best possible.
3. Place the transfer and substrate in the press onto the paper towel
(transfer on top of substrate).
4. Place the butcher paper over the flag and transfer.
5. Press the items using the settings listed above.
6. Remove the transfer from the substrate and items from the press
immediately. Use heat resistant gloves if necessary - the items will be very


- If the image of the final product appears light increase the pressure or
the dwell time slightly (10-20 seconds).
- If the image on the final product appears blurred or substrate appears
yellowed reduce the dwell time slightly (10-20 seconds).
- When sublimating both sides sublimate one side at a time allowing the
flag to cool in between pressings and place a clean piece of scratch paper
under the flag to catch any ink that may degass from the second pressing.


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