Fluorescent glow Sublimation Ink Refills

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Compatible Epson EcoTank Printer Sublimation Ink Refills (502 T502 Use with Expression ET-2700 ET-2750 ET-2760 ET-3700 ET-3710 ET-3750 ET-3760 ET-4760 ET15000 ET-8550 ST-2000 ST-3000 ST4000 Printer)

Our fluorescent inks are specifically made for use with Epson desktop printers that have Micro Piezo printheads (NB: does not work with HP, Cannon and other printers that do not use the Piezo printheads).

Bright strong regular colours in daylight, but when viewed in UV blacklight it comes to life with bright glowing neon colors.

Resistant to heat and sun rays.

Set comes with all four colours Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. 30ml of each colour.

Important. This is sublimation ink. It should be printed on to sublimation paper (it will not glow in UV light at this stage). It should then be heat pressed on to your sublimation capable fabric or treated surface. The final resulted print will then glow when in UV blacklight.

Ideal for making glowing t-shirts, bags, purses and other sublimated items. Great for use in bars, nightclubs, laser arenas and other locations where UV blacklight is used.

  • High resolution and transfer rate ;  
  • Good scratch resistance, washing resistance, fadeless ;  
  • Quick dry formula satisfaction at high speed printing ; 
  • Good fluency, suits for continuous mass printing ; 

  • Excellent color saturation, wide color gamut 

  • High color density, Good reducibility ;
  • work for Epson EcoTank Printers
  • No ICC setting, Paper:high quality plain paper. Quality: high quality. Then click on "more options" tab. Select CUSTOM for color correction then click ADVANCED and choose ADOBE RGB for color management. 2.2 Gamma.


These Bottles are compatible with the following Epson EcoTank Printers:

  • Epson ET- 15000
  • Epson ET- 16500
  • Epson ET- 2760
  • Epson ET-2720
  • Epson ET- 3760
  • Epson ET- 4760
  • Epson ET- 7750
  • Epson ET- 3710
  • Epson ET- 2700
  • Epson ET- 2750
  • Epson ET- 4700
  • Epson ET- 8500
  • Epson ET-8000

PLEASE READ: This is just the Sublimation Ink Bottles for Epson EcoTank Printers, and not the conversion kit. This only comes with ink bottles. This is for an Epson EcoTank ET-15000, ET-16500, ET-2760, ET-3760, ET-4760, ET-3710, ET-2700, ET-2750, sublimation ink needed to refill and/or convert an Epson EcoTank Printer into a Sublimation Printer. No syringes is needed! Our large black bottles of ink is in a bottle that holds up to 165ml. However the bottle is filled with 127ml!!!  ICC PROFILE IS AVAILABLE IF YOU BELIEVE IT IS NEEDED


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