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The sublimation glass heart crystal is fashionable and flashy, it creates a new era of photo frame. With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic taste, produce a unique and personalized crystal heart that meets the psychological needs of the modern fashion, and this is already became very popular. The image is clear and transparent, you can appreciate the image both sides. Place the crystal in the home or office could show the owner's elegant taste. It is the perfect unity of art and souvenirs.

Warm Tips: The glass is fragile, so please adjust a light pressure when pressing. No two crystal are coated exactly the same!!!-

Customized picture printed on the heart crystal after sublimation process is very popular in gifts market like couple gifts, wedding gifts, memorial gifts, promotional gifts, etc. It is also welcome in photo studio show and home decoration, hotel decoration and so on.

press at 400 for 100seconds

(I prefer face down(press 245-260seconds) 



  • The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results. Settings will vary depending on the heat press brand and model ink and paper and atmospheric conditions.
  • The substrate should be at room temperature 


This crystal photo frame rests between a crystal globe and pen holder make great gifts or promotional pieces for those in the corporate world offering an unusual way to display a photo of that special someone.


How to Imprint Crystal


  1. Print your design in reverse on SUBLIMATION PAPER with SUBLIMATION INK.
  2. Secure paper face down on the back (white) surface of the crystal HEAT RESISTANT TAPE .
  3. * Heat press with medium pressure for 60  secs face up at a temperature of 180°C.
  4. Remove paper from the crystal.
  5. Crystal frame can be fixed to the crystal base with UV RESIN OR E6000.


Transfer parameters *


Medium pressure

Temperature 180°C

Press time 60 secs face up or 540 secs face down.(Longer times lead to darker impressions)

Do not keep paper prints for extended time periods, transfer your design to product within few hours of printing for best results.


* Information supplied by manufacturer and is provided as a guide only. It is recommend that you perform a test prior to production to determine the best settings and material compatibility.




Customer Reviews

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Very nice pieces I can't wait to press it

LaReco T.

Best in the city



Mekia B.

Great fast shipping

Kimberly J.
Nice GLass Heart

I loved how well this heart sublimated, will purchase again

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