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Direct-to-Film (DTF) transfers are full-color heat applied transfers for light and dark garments. No weeding or masking is required and DTF transfers can be applied to cotton, cotton/poly blends, and even 100% polyester.

Simply press and go! All you need is a heat press!

DTF Transfer Application Instructions

  1. Preheat the garment for 15 seconds to remove excess moisture. Let the garment cool before adding the transfer.
  2. Place the transfer on the shirt – white side down, image facing up.
  3. Press at 325°F for 15 seconds under very firm pressure.
  4. Remove the garment from the press and let it stand until it is warm enough to peel.
  5. Peel warm or cool.
  6. Cover the image with parchment paper and press again for 15 seconds. You can use a Teflon sheet, butcher paper, or tissue paper.

***Please note: If the image does not come off completely, repress with the image in place, let it cool, and repeel the film.


Care Instructions: Turn the garment inside out. Machine wash cold. No bleach. No softener. Do not dry clean or iron. Tumble dry low.


PLEASE NOTE: equipment varies and so may your required settings. Please test your own equipment using these baseline recommendations.


UV DTF Prints are like no other prints on the market. Prints are made with an extra layering of ink to give a unique 3D effect. To finish off, a thin layer of varnish is added to give a glossy finish.

This listing is for one (1) UV DTF cup wrap transfer for a 16oz cup.

Application Instructions:

1. Make sure glass is clean.

2. Peel film from back of design

CAUTION! Ensure your wrap is lined up on the cup or surface. Adhesive is VERY strong. Once the glue touches the surface, do NOT attempt to remove the wrap.

3. Lay the design film down on the glass cup.

4. Squeegee the film working from the center outwards, pushing out any bubbles.

5. Rub, the more rubbing the better.

6. Peel clear film. Peel film and ensure the design is sticking to the surface.

7. If you notice the design not sticking to the surface, relay the film and continue to rub. Then proceed with peeling the film.

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